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Online Business

An author writes a book once, it publishes, and thereafter they make money indefinitely whenever that book is purchased from the publisher for decades to come.

When a musician launches a new album, they created the work once, and will now receive royalty payments for the rest of their lives when the record label sells the album or fulfills a song download request...

Those are examples of residual income and there are reputable online companies waiting to pay you and me in the same exact way!

Network Marketing also called Referral Marketing, is still the best opportunity for the average person like you and me, to build a solid residual income from customers referred just once and we receive ongoing weekly pay from every purchase they make now and in the future.

An author's job is to write a book. A musician's is to piece together and an album. Our job is to refer a bunch of customers!

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Here in this video below, I explain how powerful this proven concept is at creating a viable path toward ultimate financial and time freedom for the average person:

Network Marketing Industry Introduction Video and FAQ page

Carry an active and qualified Residual Income Vehicle in your back pocket at all times!

It's becoming a networked economy, which means that household income will come from building or participating in online networks of people. Whether it be using an app to market, manage, organize, and strategize with colleagues and team members, to referring order, processing payments, and shipping products to customers and repurchasing from vendors. All of it will exist online, and it already does for the most part.

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How would 10%, or even 5% of these earners monthly checks help your family?

Top Nework Marketers in the World

✅ Important Criteria

Your time is precious. Look for these traits before blindly giving of your time and energy on your quest to build a reliable & predictable residual income:

  • Proof of Concept - Been in business at least five years with current core business model.
  • Patented Products - Not available anywhere else, not on store shelves, and not online except from your unique referral link only.
  • National Availability - Must be able to serve your referrals in the United States and Canada, with other English-speaking countries a plus+
  • Office Hours - Must have live operator call center for customer orders, business partner sign up, and tech support for our networks.
  • Reliability - Company sustains *at minimum* a $1,000,000 per month in sales of products, or $12 - $20 million in total sales previous year.
  • Paved Yellow Brick Road - Compensation plan must be paying out to any field rep (like you & me) the income level we wish to attain, in our case $100,000 per month and up which shows a clear, proven path we can emulate!

With a reputable online referral home business like the Flagship Opportunity I'll show you below, you and I commit to creating a customer network together. That is the work you and I do once, equivalent to an "album" or "book" from other creators and all sales that occur each week within that "body of referred customers" spits out a direct deposit on Fridays. Every person referred from your personal active profit center from your very first day, those customers belong to you and they become an "income network" in this new networked economy that we're evolving into.

Not counting logistical limits alone of serving a customer 100+ miles away, think of these additional expenses in a traditional brick and mortar business

Solar installer business:

  • Inventory of solar panels, inverters, and other equipment necessary to install solar systems plus vehicles to transport them.
  • Wages paid to appointment setters, solar specialists, solar installers, and office employees.
  • Website, signage, marketing and advertising expenses, and incentives to find potential customers.
  • Liability and workers compensation insurances, to protect against accidents or damage on job sites, and to cover employees.
  • Renting a physical location or warehouse, and electricity, water, and gas utilities.

Coffee shop:

  • Purchasing of inventory: coffee beans, milk, cups, and other supplies necessary to make and serve varities of coffee.
  • Wages paid to baristas and other staff members.
  • Renting a storefront for the coffee shop, and costs that come with it like internet, electricity, water, and/or gas.
  • Purchasing and maintaining equipment like espresso machines, grinders, refrigerators, and more.
  • Promoting the coffee shop to potential customers, such as social media advertising, and local community events.

Residential water treatment business:

  • Wide inventory of water treatment equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and water filtration systems.
  • Maintaining ongoing stock of replacement filters, salts, and chemicals used in the water testing & treatment process.
  • Wages paid to technicians, water specialists, and other staff members.
  • Promotions to find potential customers, such as social media advertising, canvassing, and community events.
  • Renting a physical location for the business and of course, don't forget internet and utilities like electricity, water, and gas.

Whether you want to be your own boss in residential solar, a coffee shop, or in water treatment...

How much do you think these businesses cost their respective owners to run?

More than $6000 a month, $15000 a month, or even $30,000 a month or more???

Business paperwork stresses Jose out!

Yes, it does 😲

The ownership costs above only represent a few burdens, and limits of brick and mortar business just to keep their doors open, that do not exist in the Network Marketing industry.

Maximum "out the door" online home business costs, rounded up:

Under $250 total expense to owner!

The most important factors when choosing a residual income referral home business is that network orders are processed, commissions calculated, products delivered to our customer, and we receive our direct deposit weekly calculated accurately and on time.

Refer a product customer or a residual income-seeking social business partner *once* and get paid over and over on all of their purchases, with a passive override from *their* personal customer network as an incentive for you to build a residual income together.


SBP Team Intro read by Jose

Breakdown of SBP Costs

Social Business Partner

Under $250 total monthly expense

Joining directly on Jose Garriga Jr's Alovea team....

$0 today to register Free Affiliate, and get a referral link with direct referral customer pay only, or to pre-build your direct referral network before qualifying account up to SBP, click here.

$220-$250 today for a fully-qualified Social Business Partner account with referral link and full team, direct and indirect residual income home business set up, click here ✅ (costs breakdown below).

  1. Fill out biz information form >
  2. Choose products for today's order, and Flexship set up >
  3. Activate SBP Elite >
  4. ...checkout and grab your website link!

Prefer to enroll by phone with a live operator? Click to call 888-280-9555 between 9AM-6PM USA CST Monday thru Friday. Pay plan video introduction under Alovea Library tab in member backoffice.

Expenses to expect:

Every entrepreneur knows, all businesses have expenses or they could not operate. Luckily, not only is it affordable, Alovea meets all of the criteria above making it safe for our long-term efforts. Your job is to lead referrals by your example. Make a commitment to building a customer network, get set up as a SBP, and begin referring others immediately. Remember, this is an "earn as you go" home business opportunity. It is very conceivable to have more money entering the second or 3rd months of activity with just a handful of qualified referrals.

Being set up as a fully qualified SBP with Alovea allows for the ability to refer passively and build a customer network at your own pace. Want to go fast, take massive action! This encourages teamwork!

Costs below are rounded up for ease of explanation. Earn commissions from entire *extended* customer network in addition to personally referred customers as explained in my Network Marketing Overview video above.

  • Website Presence

    **$40 1st year, $25 per year ongoing:

    Non-commissionable. Programmers are expensive. Physical welcome kit first year with you business set up, and yearly website presence with your permanent referral link. Mine looks like this: https://jose.myalovea.com and it is linked throughout this website. Each product and website section can be linked to directly for specific sharing via text, email and/or promos you put in place.

  • Backoffice Accounting & Servicing

    **$30 per month ongoing:

    Non-commissionable. It's called SBP Elite and it's *invaluable* network tracking & drill down tool to see detailed activity from all customer networks, both personal and team-wide. Complete business monitoring, transaction calculation, drop-shipping, office administration (takes over 20 employees just to manage data), and making sure we get our multi-level direct deposits weekly and on time.

    **No commissions are ever paid out on business infrastructure costs above, that would be illegal. Only product purchases generate commissions like the Flexship and one-off orders only.

    Ask any entrepreneur, $30 is a bargan for this level of accounting over many thousands of orders weekly that generate our income.

    SBP Elite drill down tool adds a sweet $30 product credit too, each time it's paid that can be used at any time you make a personal one-off purchase from your backoffice.

  • Business "Sale" Requirement

    *$150-ish per month ongoing:
    *depending on products chosen

    Yes, commissionable to upline. It's called Flexship on File with 95 PV -purchase volume "sale" in your business minimum and it meets the "30-day customer purchase" minimum FTC legal requirement to pay commissions on indirect (non-personally referred) customer networks built by your personal SBP referrals in the Network Marketing Industry. Order must be 95 PV or higher to qualify at Alovea. Commissions *are* paid on all product orders, whether they are one-off customers, free affiliates, or SBPs on your team generating the orders, whether directly and indirectly referred. This is how residual income is created *legally & ethically* on our teams!

Operational Legalities

As per FTC legal guidelines, the business center earning the network commission override has to make a retail product sale within any 30-day period for it to be paid residually, weekly. Customer one-off purchases or your personal purchase via the Flexship guarantees you a paycheck for four weeks from all team orders, and you will also develop your own product testimonial, the best marketing available to grow your income!

My two personal products on Flexship are Immune 56 and Metapack. Any of the metabolic bundles will qualify too.


3Steppers brief intro read by Jose

Serious Financial Freedom Seekers only.

Separating industry facts from myths, please make sure to watch my Network Marketing Overview crash course above of how referral marketing business really, actually works.

After your home business is active:

This is where we let company owners, managers, and officers deal with the headaches of running the day-to-day business side, and fulfilling orders. Alovea does customer service really, really well. We as field reps then, can be free to focus our energy on the most fun part... creatively promoting our links, and inspiring our team members!

3Steppers Team Training System


In the 3Steppers members area we delve into, and dissect how with just a spare-time effort you can be in business for yourself. That is what is meant by "keep a qualified residual income vehicle in your back pocket" and build a customer network over time. Experience real results within the very first month of promoting your referral link. We strategize in the 3Steppers members area.

Contact Jose about having an activated 3Steppers account with your own unique referral link.

It looks like this: https://3steppers.com/?rid=1

Your name appears at the top, and both Flagship Opportunity and Support Service links on 3Steppers page will be of your choosing.

You will be manually activated by Jose as we develop the members area in the coming weeks.

Like a hobby, referral Network Marketing fits into your schedule rather than interfering with what you're doing today. And yet, the sky is the limit as far as potential is concerned: From $500/month to six-figures per year (and well beyond), everyday men and women like us are turning something they can be passionate about and enjoy, into an income stream that quite literally changes their lives.

It's hard to imagine a business model with a compensation structure that's as flexible, simple, and levels the playing field for the average person other than modern referral network markerting.

See the big picture? 🤔


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