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Before, 57lbs overweight @ 238lbs:

I remember thinking: well, if I change my body, it would change my outlook, which will in turn raise me out of this spiritual rut of existence...

How do I go about doing that though, in a way that was simple, and naturally sustainable so this would never, ever happen again?

Here I was in a broken body, with a broken spirit, and broke. I mean, just look closely below at the sadness and misery in my eyes at that low point in my life:

Awful, isn't it?

Those pudgy cheeks borne of red meat, enriched wheat flour, corn syrup, and that forced smile suppressing years of internal pain and self-loathing...

...I was a sad, pitiful man! 😢

Neglecting nutrition = fudged up outcome

Visualize working all weekend on your yard, landscaping it to your eye's perfection, trimming all of your bushy bushes, removing hundreds of weeds, cutting down brush, clearing thatch buildup, fertilizing lawn and flowers, placing pretty stepping stones, maybe adding a little pond with a teeny waterfall next to a swing to relax on underneath a shady tree. You put in all of that work, give it your care and attention, and you feel accomplished with the outcome, even your neighbors give you compliments.

Is your work over and now it's going to stay like that forever?

Or, will it require attention, nurturing, and tending to maintain it's pristineness...?

What will happen to that beautiful yard you put so much work into, if you were to neglect it for a few years, or a few months even?

Left on its own, without any TLC, it will leave you with a fudged up garden!

That's what had happened to my body's state of wellness.

I neglected nurturing my body properly, and my cells adapted in the completely wrong direction that I wanted them to.

How could I not have seen this creeping up over the past four years, I thought to myself. I didn't just wake up one morning with a surprise 50 pound glob of adipose tissue on my body. It grew over time and I don 't remember disliking it as much as I did in that moment of clarity. One thing was for sure...

Enough was enough.

Well, if I am to change my life, my world from where I am, to get to where I want to be, I needed to see a clear path in my mind. I didn't quite particularly know where to get started. All I could feel was a powerful desire for a healthy, fit, strong body, and I wanted to make an abundant living from the internet.

Then, in a spirit of defiance, I looked up at the sky, threw my arms up in the air, and yelled to the clouds...


...and almost just as fast, I got my answer:

I was living reactively, versus creating the life that I wanted to live.

Fretting over life's bullshit so much, giving it so much mental energy, I allowed worry, concern and anxiety to keep me blind and unaware of my body's present state of being.

The manifestation of the best version of me, which I was carrying deep within in my 💗 was being held back by the emotional weight I had attached to the negative thoughts about my circumstances. I kept entertaining them in my head during waking hours. I carried so much mindless, negative self-defeating chatter at the time.

Wouldn't you know it, I was not at all alone...

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