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Out of 335,000,000+ people in the United States

Over 70% of the entire USA adult population was also fat and miserable, and didn't like their jobs.

Mental & emotional stress, and a lack of personal fulfillment are main drivers of food, alcohol, and nicotine bingeing.

Check out these effed up real statistics of our nation's current state of physical health:

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One thing was for sure... these statistics ain't gonna happen to me!

On the income from home side, I already knew network marketing was gonna be my long-term vehicle, and that it was gonna take several years to build that level of financial freedom. The genesis of a brand new me, a completely new life by design, began at the core with myself.

Just nurture body, and new reality will come.

So the change in my future, that seed of possibility for that realm to open up, "to look like a superhero and make a million dollars a year from home" and expand it forward and outward so I can exist within it in my future, it had to begin with my nurturing and strengthening of my body, where the "I" in me resides, first.

I wanted to have a lighter body, more strength and vitality, clearer thinking, better sleep, increased focus, a calming peace of mind... a state of improved, overall wellness where I wake up residing in my superhero physique every single day. I was willing to put forth effort to realize and live that experience, and learn how to maintain it indefinitely.

Not only was it the tool I needed to cultivate that outcome, my body had to be strong and held to a much higher standard than what the statistics showed. It's also the sensory organ for my brain to experience the love, joy, power, freedom, abundance, and sense of fulfillment and community contribution that will be present at that time in my life. Why not experience all of that with the superhero body of my dreams!?

Choose my own state of health, or let environment choose for me?

While majority of my peers were resigned to letting their bodies simply fall apart from massive levels of nutritional neglect and unconscious overconsumption, blaming "old age" as if they have no say in it, I resolved to not to become a part of those statistics. I immediately began a quest to live the exact opposite.

In that moment I became acutely aware of the trajectory my fatness and misery had me on, and it didn't look pretty.

Simultaneously, the fact that we all have a healthier, more fit version of ourselves suppressed internally also came into my awareness. My guy was buried under 57 pounds of unwanted fat, and a heavy load of anxiety about the future.

I remember wanting so badly to live my strong superhero physique, and I wanted to be of service doing work that I could be passionate about. I could literally feel my mind and heart making that connection powerfully, and setting that resolve. That's when I made the commitment to live by my new mission statement:

"To inspire others to develop a passion for pursuing the best version of themselves."

And the best way to inspire others I concluded, was to bring out the best version of myself first and be an example of what is possible for them too.

Where do out-of-control food cravings come from?

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