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My goal never is to add muscle to win at all cost

My goal is merely showcasing possibility of good, clean nutrition and exercise, win or lose... It's that simple. The wins just happen to be cherry-on-top blessings from the Universe!

It may not be your desire to get down to 4% - 5% bodyfat, while maximizing muscle nutrient retention for a window of time and compete with others on a stage. That's ok. I know it's a huge pain in the arse!

What I do is nurture and work with my body's natural regeneration process maximizing autophagy and hypertrophy to the maximum level that my body can *without* forcing it through artificial chemicals, external hormone manipulation, or anything that cannot be found on the nutritional shelf and vegetarian items at grocery stores.

Below is proof of my version 3.0 best physique, and it was achieved without eating any meat (1 year vegetarian at that point). Phase One, unhealthy self to optimal prime bodyweight, I still ate meat during that 4.5 month, 57 lbs weight loss. I only stopped eating meat to add muscle to my body more efficiently.

The only rules I don't budge on, are absolutely...

NO meat, NO alcohol, and NO nicotine.


*...and YES, fish and seafood are meat! 🙄

To me, being a skinny man, or just no longer fat was not inspiring one iota. However, possessing a ripped, muscular superhero physique 24/7 naturally is.

Being vegetarian is the difference between 10-12% bodyfat and 6-8% bodyfat levels year-round. From the possible protein sources available to my body, meat tissue is the hardest to break down, and extract amino acids from for my immune system to turn around and regenerate new cells.

Negative protein choices are all meat period. Red and cured meats, chicken & turkey, and all fish and seafood. NO meat tissue whatsoever.

Positive protein choices are protein bars & protein shakes: (both whey and vegan), plant-based proteins: (peanuts, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds), and limited dairy: (milk kefir, yogurt, milk, cheese), those make up 100% of my year-round protein intake.

In Jose's FFR, meat is the poorest possible choice of protein source for my Superhero physique to remain manifested indefinitely with ease as way too much energy is dissipated that would otherwise go toward maximizing rebuilding and workout recovery.

Vegetarian is strictly no meat tissue, some animal products are ok (like eggs & butter).


Alcohol should be self-explanatory why it is on my STRICT NO NO list for optimal cellular regeneration.

System processes freeze speeding up the aging process dramatically. That translates to a negatively affected immune system, and eventually disrupting my body's ability to regenerate it's cells.

In Jose's FFR, alcohol is a cellular toxin, so liver, pancreas, and kidneys energies are prioritized to break it down instead of breaking down fatty acids, proteins into peptides, producing enzymes, and results in accelerated cellular aging.

Life sans alcohol is far from boring, dull, and monotonous...

It's actually way, way and much more exciting! Even though I've been alcohol-free for many years now, it doesn't mean I've been 100% straight and sober at every moment 😉

Ways of honoring my body when I want to "get outta my head" and commune with friends, or relax and destress at home that are conducive to positive introspection and personal growth, do exist. It's up to us to seek these experiences out and explore them safely.

Key is to always honor and prioritize nourishing of cells.


In Jose's FFR inhaling nicotine deducts energy from the body. Nicotine multiplies the creation of free radicals, and is an immune system suppressant that speeds up the aging process markedly.

Cellular regeneration peaks during sleep in Jose's FFR because other body systems are shut down and the immune system has the most energy to do its thing.

During waking hours, cellular regeneration peaks during homeostasis, a relaxed state of being, a feeling of internal balance that is directly controlled by the Endocannabinoid System (the ECS) modulated by endocannabinioids produced by exercise, relaxation, feelings of love, and more.

Tightness & stress clumps energy, release of stress & relaxation flows it. In Jose's FFR, 300-400 nicotine puffs daily not only divert immune system energy, they have no effect on the ECS. However, 1/100th of that in exocannabinoids which only exist in the cannabis plant keeps the ECS grounded in homeostasis for 12+ hours hours of the day, reducing cellular stress and improving the immune system's ability to do its job better.

CBD oil drops extracted from industrial hemp, with or without the "THC" or inhaling marijuana with the euphoric high both signal the ECS to find that state of balance.

Those are my three strict NO, and never evers.

What do the masses in in the statistics I want to avoid do? All of them do one or all of the three...

They eat meat, drink alcohol, and/or use nicotine daily!

My path to a rock-solid baseline health became clear. Don't do what the masses do... do the exact opposite!

Good health brings good vibes with it!

Now imagine for a moment, by honoring that commitment to the core of my being, all of the possibilities that open up to experience the richness and wonders of life, in aspects of love, friendship, contribution, and personal fulfillment!

Applying the 4X4 protocol has resulted in single bodyfat digits year round, hovering around 7% to 8% and within 2-3 weeks of the shape you see pictured below. Many people at my gym will attest how this particular competition was on a Saturday, and I decided to enter and began to prepare the previous week, a mere 10 days before...

Following the 4X4 nutritional infrastructure I took home second place!

Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga
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Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga

Want to change life's circumstances, but can't quite see where to begin?

Begin with honoring and nurturing the body, and the best version of life that you can see will follow suit.

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